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Definition of Fervently

  • with passionate fervor

How to use fervently in a sentence. Fervently pronunciation.

She bounded up the doorsteps, and, meeting Mrs. Mumford in the hall, kissed her fervently.
She went back to bed and prayed fervently that the Lord would show her some way of escape, or take her that day to himself.
I have been dreaming that I saw a man lifting up his eyes and hands to heaven, and fervently praying to God for my recovery!
As soon as she came to herself, she said, 'Sir, you are the person I saw in my dream, when I was ill in a violent fever; and I beheld you lift up your hands and eyes to heaven, and most fervently pray for my recovery and conversion to God.
The mother looked at her, took her head and kissed her fervently on the forehead.
The masters had no patience with modern ideas of education, which they read of sometimes in The Times or The Guardian, and hoped fervently that King's School would remain true to its old traditions.
He hoped fervently that the S. O. C. would not have been called elsewhere.
Said he:- "Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this mighty scourge of war may soon pass away.
It would be hard to give you an idea of how much misery that meant to her, or how fervently she used to pray for something to happen to prevent her going to the class, which was held at a friend's house some miles away.
Saxe nodded, and wishing fervently for the guide's strength, he toiled on again behind him, till at last they stood upon the bare rock swept clear of the snow, and any doubt of its being where the mishap befel them was quite removed by their coming suddenly upon quite a wall of snow standing many feet above their heads, and running far enough to right and left in a jagged line, as if a flash of lightning had darted across and made the division.
Fervently he prayed they would.
One thing about it all is a mercy," she added, fervently.
The visitor nodded, and regarding him with a smile charged with fraternal love, took his hand in a huge grip and shook it fervently.
Both subsequently prayed long and fervently.
He knelt down, and prayed long and fervently.
Each night and morning I prayed fervently unto the Lord; for His hand had been very heavy upon me, and I feared Him.
Every night I prayed fervently, and my wife admired my gift of prayer.
Which when one of his friends had seen, and asked him why he did so toil his body, perplex his spirit, and torment his tub, the philosopher's answer was that, not being employed in any other charge by the Republic, he thought it expedient to thunder and storm it so tempestuously upon his tub, that amongst a people so fervently busy and earnest at work he alone might not seem a loitering slug and lazy fellow.
There was a considerable silence, then Bill said, fervently: "You're a regular guy, like I told you!
May it be to them a Protectorate in deed, as well as in name, protecting them alike from the encroachment of foreigners and the aggressive or unlawful actions of any other nationality; may the blessings of civilization and Christianity, the seeds of which have been already sown by English hands in the persons of the brave and good men present on this occasion, increase and multiply exceedingly amongst them; and lastly, as the Union Jack which has on several former occasions been hoisted on the shores of New Guinea and the adjacent islands is on this day for the first time displayed and hoisted on New Guinea under the authority and by the command of her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria, I most fervently pray that the establishment of a British Protectorate on these shores may tend to insure the integrity and inviolability of the great Australian Colonies, and promote the best interests of their people; and I trust that this important step may be attended with the happiest results, and redound to the honour of Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen, for whom I now invite you to give three hearty cheers.

Examples of Fervently

Example #1
Three days later Miss Derrick arrived, bringing with her something like half-a-ton of luggage.
Example #2
So the matter was settled, and Mumford ran off gaily to catch his train.
Example #3
She had looked at them that morning; felt that starve she must and would, but that souvenir of her mother should never leave her.
Example #4
Moreover, the harpies who feed and thrive on the miseries of the poor, would in no case have given her more than twenty-five cents for them; and the short respite derived from that amount would not have compensated for the sacrifice.
Example #5
The Lord has heard his prayers, and my fever is gone; and what is far better, the Lord has spoken peace to my soul, and sealed His pardoning love on my heart.
Example #6
Late that evening, or very early next morning, while the young woman's mother was sitting by her daughter's bedside (who had been in a strong delirium for several days), she opened her eyes and hastily addressed her mother thus: 'O mother!