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Definition of Fiendlike

  • Fiendish; diabolical.

How to use fiendlike in a sentence. Fiendlike pronunciation.

In her mind it blazed fiendlike, and the man who forgave it rose a step or two on the sublime.
Most gracious duke! FIESCO (rushes on hint with a look of fiendlike joy).
And fiendlike seemed the form thus screeching forth its predictions from under the grim head-gear; and then darting and disappearing amidst the sea of pikes, cleaving its path of blood!

Examples of Fiendlike

Example #1
Especially did he do so considering that he had it in his power to dismiss her father and herself from bright beaming England before she had looked on all the cathedrals and churches, the sea-shores and spots named in printed poetry, to say nothing of the nobility.
Example #2
Annette attached the blackest importance to a blow of the fist.
Example #3
Why is my sorrow denied the balm of being shared with others?
Example #4
Why not these as well?
Example #5
But still the untiring might of Warwick defied the press of numbers that swept round him tide upon tide.
Example #6
The dark legions of Air fight for us!