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How to use finibus in a sentence. Finibus pronunciation.

Neque potuit vel minimùm quippiam, ab ecclesiæ placitis diuelli, quin potius vt pestem Lutheranã, omnium quæ fuerũt vnquam pestilentissimam, è sui regni finibus propellere.
Haec ubi Telobois ordine iterarunt quos praefecerat Amphitruo, magnanimi viri freti virtute et viribus superbe nimis ferociter legates nostros increpant, respondent bello se et suos tutari posse, proinde uti propere irent, de suis finibus exercitus deducerent.
Tully’s five books de finibus. . . .

Examples of Finibus

Example #1
Statutis suis & decretis quàmplurimis, modis omnibus in hæreticos animaduertens.
Example #2
Qui qua est, & fuit semper in Christum eiúsque sponsam ecclesiam insigni pietate & obseruantia, non destitit vnquam ecclesiæ partes tueri.
Example #3
These he sends forth as legates and bids convey his terms to the Teloboians, to wit: should they wish, without contention and without strife, to deliver up pillage and pillagers and restore whatsoever they had carried off, he himself would lead his army home forthwith and the Argives would leave their land and grant them peace and quietude; but were they otherwise disposed, and disinclined to yield what he sought, he would thereupon with all the force at his command make onslaught on their city.
Example #4
First and foremost, when we reached there, as soon as we had touched land, straightway Amphitryon picks out the most illustrous of his captains.
Example #5
Done into English by S. P. Gent.
Example #6
London, for Jacob Tonson and Robert Gibson, 1702.