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How to use fire-damp in a sentence. Fire-damp pronunciation.

There it was, the dreaded fire-damp, in a layer above their heads.
They were glad that they had been assured that there was no fire-damp here, for their leader lifted his lamp close to the roof.
It is a lamp so constructed that the flame cannot pass out into the air outside, and so cause explosions in the dangerous fire-damp which is always liable to occur abundantly in the galleries of coal mines.

Examples of Fire-damp

Example #1
One touch of an open flame and there would be a terrible explosion, yet the miners were working undisturbed just beneath it with unprotected lamps on their caps.
Example #2
The visitors felt suddenly like recruits under fire-they were far from enjoying the situation but they did not want to seem alarmed.
Example #3
Ethel Blue made the beginning of an exclamation as she saw his arm rising, but she smothered her cry for her good sense told her that this experienced man would not endanger the lives of himself or his guests.
Example #4
No one made any protest, but neither did any one protest when the Superintendent led the way to a section of the mine where there was no gas that they might see a sight which he assured them was without doubt wonderful.
Example #5
By this invention alone George Stephenson's name and memory might have been kept green for ever; for his lamp has been the means of saving thousands of lives from a sudden, a terrible, and a pitiful death.
Example #6
Stephenson promised to think the matter over; and he did think it over with good effect.