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The restless Ralph, who had chafed a good deal because he had not been allowed to leave the plateau in search of adventure, now found a vent for his surplus energy, for the captain appointed him fire-maker.
Occasionally, when he was in one of his gay moods, he would humorously impede the efforts of the fire-maker with his feet, and if the fire-maker was Clara or Edwin, the child would tickle him, which brought him to his senses and forced him to shout: "None o' that!
Observe the difference between the expression in the face of that baby and the expression in the face of that little boy to the left of the fire-makers.

Examples of Fire-maker

Example #1
The camp fuel was not abundant, consisting of nothing but some dead branches and twigs from the few bushes in the neighborhood.
Example #2
If Davis had seen a village, or even a house, he would have come back to report it, and if the others had found human habitation, they would have had ample time to return, either by land or by sea.
Example #3
Thus, when the fire languished and Mr Clayhanger neglected it, the children had either to ask permission to step over his legs, or suggest that he should attend to the fire himself.
Example #4
When he was seated in his easy-chair the piano could not be played, because there was not sufficient space for the stool between the piano and his chair; nor could the fire be made up without disturbing him, because the japanned coal-box was on the same side of the hearth-rug as the chair.
Example #5
How intently he is looking on as he leans against the brown jar.
Example #6
He has a quality that is almost maternal.