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Naturally, then, the Old Testament, so precious in showing the evolution of religious and moral truth among men, attributes such diseases as the leprosy of Miriam and Uzziah, the boils of Job, the dysentery of Jehoram, the withered hand of Jeroboam, the fatal illness of Asa, and many other ills, to the wrath of God or the malice of Satan; while, in the New Testament, such examples as the woman "bound by Satan," the rebuke of the fever, the casting out of the devil which was dumb, the healing of the person whom "the devil ofttimes casteth into the fire"-of which case one of the greatest modern physicians remarks that never was there a truer description of epilepsy-and various other episodes, show this same inevitable mode of thought as a refracting medium through which the teachings and doings of the Great Physician were revealed to future generations.
He will think-as I did-that you are impulsively, throbbingly warm and kind and gentle; and he will find that he has married a governess and a prig; and a woman whose fire-of which she boasts so much- blasts his soul.
Like a flash there came to him out of the darkness a picture of the scene beside the fire-of Mrs. Becker and the colonel, of the woman's golden head resting on her husband's shoulder, her sweet blue eyes filled with all the truth and glory of womanhood as she had looked up into his grizzled face.

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Example #1
In Greece, though this idea of an occult evil agency in producing bodily ills appeared at an early period, there also came the first beginnings, so far as we know, of a really scientific theory of medicine.
Example #2
A similar theory was elaborated in Persia.
Example #3
I would not care to have said such a cat-cruel thing; but I pity the man who marries you!
Example #4
At this, Peter moved away from me as if I had struck him and said in a low tense voice: "I am glad I did not say that.
Example #5
And then there took its place the scene beside the fire in the factor's room.
Example #6
He saw the woman's flushed cheeks as she listened to the low voice of Bucky Nome, he saw again what looked like yielding softness in her eyes-the grayish pallor in the colonel's face as he had looked upon the flirtation.