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This forms, however, merely a portion of the firm’s stock, they having another three millions of bottles stored in the cellars of their establishment in the Rue Coquebert, where a scene of great animation presented itself at the time of our visit, several scores of women being engaged in washing bottles for the _tirage_, which, although it was early in May, had already commenced.
The brand of the house most appreciated in this country is its Carte d’Or, a very dry wine which, in conjunction with the firm’s Extra Quality, secured the first place at a recent champagne competition in England.
The latter is vintaged at Ingelheim, the grapes being pressed under the firm’s own superintendence, and only the must resulting from the first squeeze of the press being used.

Examples of Firm

Example #1
The bottles, filled with water, and containing a certain quantity of glass beads in lieu of the customary shot, which frequently leave minute particles of lead-deleterious alike to health and the flavour of the wine-adhering to the inside surface of the glass, are placed horizontally in a frame, and by means of four turns of a handle are made to perform sixty-four rapid revolutions.
Example #2
From this cellier entrance is gained to the cellars beneath, containing a million bottles of _vin brut_ in various stages of development.
Example #3
In the neighbourhood of the Pommery and de St. Marceaux establishments numerous other champagne manufacturers have their cellars formed from the abandoned quarries so numerous on this side of the city.
Example #4
The same wine is popular in Russia and other parts of Europe, just as the Dry Royal of the firm is much esteemed in the United States.
Example #5
The wine from riesling grapes is usually from the Rhine, and with it is mingled a certain quantity of wine vintaged on the Hessian plain.
Example #6
Messrs. Stock and Sons’ establishment dates from 1862, and their sparkling wines are mainly made from white grapes, only about one-eighth of white wine from black grapes entering into their composition.