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How to use fitz-jamess in a sentence. Fitz-jamess pronunciation.

The owner of the tin can had been an untidy person or else his occupation of Fitz-James's rocks had been so long ago that Nature had accumulated a great deal of rubbish.
He roamed up and down the road almost every day, going into the field, as the girls could see from their elevation in Fitz-James's woods, and stopping at the Clarks' on his return if he saw any of the family on the veranda, to inquire what news had come from their nephew.
For, trained abroad his arms to wield, Fitz-James's blade was sword and shield.
Like mountain-cat who guards her young, Full at Fitz-James's throat he sprung, Received, but reck'd not of a wound, And locked his arms his foeman round.- Now gallant Saxon, hold thine own!

Examples of Fitz-jamess

Example #1
Whichever explanation was correct, there were many armfuls to be removed and then the interior of the cave had to be subjected to a thorough sweeping before the girls' ideas of tidiness were satisfied.
Example #2
It was not a short task to make the cave as clean as the girls wanted it to be.
Example #3
It was quite clear to the Clarks that the "botanist" had not given up his hope of buying the field, in spite of the owners' insistence that not only was its title defective but that the option had been promised to Mrs. Smith.
Example #4
When you tell a man that you can't sell to him and that you wouldn't if you could it seems as if he might take the hint and go away.
Example #5
He practised every pass and ward, To thrust, to strike, to feint, to guard; While less expert, though stronger far, The Gael maintained unequal war.
Example #6
In dubious strife they darkly closed.