Fives-court in a sentence

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How to use fives-court in a sentence. Fives-court pronunciation.

Behind the fives-court, he thought, would be the spot.
He said he and Rand-Brown had had a row, and they'd agreed to have it out that morning in one of the fives-courts.
So I said all right, I would, and we went to the second fives-court.

Examples of Fives-court

Example #1
He must find a safe place, or his labours would have been in vain.
Example #2
He now asked himself-what should he do with them?
Example #3
Of course, when I heard that, I was all on to see it, so I said I'd wait, if he didn't mind.
Example #4
Then he said no, and told me what he'd really come for.
Example #5
It's the biggest of them, you know.
Example #6
Then O'Hara said that as I was the only one there with a watch-he and Rand-Brown were in footer clothes, and Merrett and Moriarty hadn't got their tickers on them-I'd better act as timekeeper.