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He was the father of seven children, all of whom are dead, except his son David Weston, his successor in the chieftainship, who still lives at Flandreau, South Dakota, at the age of seventy-eight years.
John Eastman, at twenty-six years of age, became a Presbyterian minister, and for more than a quarter of a century has been the successful pastor of the First Presbyterian church of Flandreau, South Dakota.
Here we left the railroad to attend the general conference of the Dakota Mission at Flandreau.
But I must leave Flandreau with its citizen Indians, ready to vote for prohibition in the Constitution of South Dakota, for this is not our field of labor.

Examples of Flandreau

Example #1
He was for many years a catechist of the Episcopal Church.
Example #2
He died at Fort Snelling in 1863, and was buried on the banks of the Minnesota in view of the fort.
Example #3
He was for many years a trusty Indian agent at that place.
Example #4
John the eldest, and Charles Alexander, the youngest son, have made this branch of the Cloudman family widely and favorably known.
Example #5
How quickly all the impressions of years can be changed, when the impressions are wrong and we see the true state of affairs.
Example #6
I was soon relieved of the idea of the distance, for only a few hours took us across Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota to the border of Dakota.