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How to use floor-the in a sentence. Floor-the pronunciation.

Whether he meant to come down from his perch, or whether he made some ill-judged movement, believing himself to be on the floor-the event did not allow of his remembering exactly the cause of his accident-he fell, his head struck a footstool, he lost consciousness and lay motionless during a space of time of which he knew not the length.
His sleeping pile lay in the middle of the floor-the idol was gone!
He was mowing, and mumbling, and gesticulating, and drawing mystical figures in the air and on the floor,-the regular thing, you know.
The room was on the second floor-the top floor at that part of the building.

Examples of Floor-the

Example #1
A sweet voice roused him from the stunned condition into which he had sunk.
Example #2
His reverie had no doubt lasted a long time.
Example #3
He turned and fled from the room, but before he could take a dozen steps towards the village, several shadows glided out from behind trees and rocks in the moonlight, resolving themselves into men.
Example #4
The place had been ransacked from top to bottom.
Example #5
He was a celebrity from Asia-so he said, and that was enough.
Example #6
His dress was the extreme of the fantastic; as showy and foolish as the sort of thing an Indian medicine-man wears.