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Definition of Floorboard

  • a board in the floor.
  • the floor of an automobile.
  • a board in the floor
  • the floor of an automobile

How to use floorboard in a sentence. Floorboard pronunciation.

Then a floorboard creaked faintly to my left, and turning short, I whirled my staff, felt it strike home and heard a fierce cry and the uneven tread of staggering feet.
The one oar, the baler, and a few fathoms of line on the floorboards.
There was no hope of making the English shore again, and so I thought it well to do even as the jarl, and rear up the floorboards in such wise as to use them for a sail to hasten us wherever we might go.
Dug-outs had no wooden linings in those days; no corrugated iron roofs; no floorboards.
Our engine had got the _locus_ part all right, but was rather weak about the _motion_. We creaked and squeaked about up the moss-grown track, and groaned our way back into the station time after time, in order to tie on something else behind the train, or to get on to a siding to let a trainload of trench floorboards and plum and apple jangle past up the line.

Examples of Floorboard

Example #1
Thus, as I stood in the dark listening for some rustle, some stealthy creeping step to guide my next blow, I thrust away my pistol and changing my staff to my right hand, drew forth the broad-bladed sailor's knife I carried, and so waited mighty eager and alert, but heard only the far-off booming of the wind.
Example #2
Followed a long, tense moment wherein we all (as I judge) held our breath, for though the storm yet roared beyond the shattered casement, within was a comparative quiet.
Example #3
Now as I had nothing to lose by speaking, I cried to the earl concerning the one matter that troubled me.
Example #4
And all was there, though that was little enough.
Example #5
So I roused Beorn, and showed him how to bestow himself out of my way, and made sail, as one might say.
Example #6
And this was driving us over the same track which Lodbrok had taken as he came from his own place.