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How to use flowers-i in a sentence. Flowers-i pronunciation.

Oh, Marian, I don't want to take your flowers-I just-wanted to ask you something.
We could not understand one another; but they saw my baby on my breast, and they came out to me, and brought me rice and milk, and sometimes flowers-I have got some of the flowers dried.
On several points-such as that of the mythology and language of flowers-I have said a good deal more than I should have done had I been writing for a different community.

Examples of Flowers-i

Example #1
To complete the scroll of her accomplishments, . . .
Example #2
I'm half afraid of him tonight.
Example #3
And the natives were very kind.
Example #4
And when my body was very weary, and my heart was sick (for there were times when I misdoubted if I could ever reach my home, and there were times when I thought of my husband, and one time when I thought my baby was dying), I took out that picture and looked at it, till I could have thought the mother spoke to me, and comforted me.
Example #5
I beg the London critics to bear this in mind.
Example #6
If I succeed in my object I shall consider that I have gossipped to some purpose.