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All, all, was yet in a fluidic condition and the Universal Spirit brooded _quiescent_ in limitless Space as the One Existence.
I don't know what the thing I am driving at is, so I put the two unknown quantities together in a mathematical hope that minus into minus may give plus,-this milk-and-watery muddle of dreary negations, that remits the world to its original fluidic state of chaos, I spew it out of my mouth.
You may have enormous facility in playing with your medium; may be able to make your marble quite fluidic, and flow into innumerable graceful forms; you may be past master of every intricacy, multiplying your skill to the power of n;-but you will still in reality have made no progress beyond that unknown carver who shaped his syenite, or his basalt, into the "peace which passeth understanding"-"the eternity which baffles and confounds all faculty of computation.

Examples of Fluidic

Example #1
The Greeks called that condition of homogeneity _Chaos_, and the state of orderly segregation which we now see; the marching orbs which illumine the vaulted canopy of heaven, the stately procession of planets around a central light, the majestic sun; the unbroken sequence of the seasons and the unvarying alternation of tidal ebb and flow;—all this aggregate of systematic order, was called _Cosmos_, and was supposed to have proceeded from Chaos.
Example #2
Everything which we now perceive was then non-existent.
Example #3
It was not on such pap our Caesars fed that made them grow so great.
Example #4
Bring forward something tangible, something positive, something that means something, and it will do.
Example #5
That was why the Milesians came to conquer Ireland.
Example #6
Ultimately we must regard Art in this Egyptian way: as a thing sacred, a servant of the Mysteries; the revealer of the Soul and the other side of the sky.