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How to use fly-to in a sentence. Fly-to pronunciation.

Not all birds act this way-pretending to be hurt, or that they can't fly-to get people to chase after them, and so keep far away from the little nests.
They tried to fly-to run, for now the chasseurs were at them with bayonets-they tried to run, but the ground was littered with their own wounded and dead-with the wounded and the dead of a long day of carnage: they stumbled at every step-fell over the dying and the wounded-over dead and wounded horses-over piles of guns and swords and bayonets, and sabretaches, over forsaken guns and broken carriages, litter that impeded them in front even as they were driven with the bayonet from the rear.

Examples of Fly-to

Example #1
But this particular kind of bird always does that.
Example #2
But the birds knew no differently.
Example #3
Bobby saw it all, for they were coming now-pursued and pursuers-as fast as ever they could; they were coming, these flying, black-coated men, casting away their gay trappings as well as their arms, trying to run-to get away-but stumbling, falling all the time-picking themselves up, falling and running again.
Example #4
Another volley from the tirailleurs and the Dutch and Brunswickers turned to fly: in vain did their officers call, they wanted to get away!