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Definition of Footballer

  • an athlete who plays football.
  • an athlete who plays American football

How to use footballer in a sentence. Footballer pronunciation.

He was a University student, and a great footballer, and he never diverted himself on the long homeward journey in the way Andrew and his friend did.
Once a footballer, always a potential footballer, even to the grave.
His son, Ambrose Langley, became a noted footballer, in Horncastle and neighbourhood.
L Lancastrian and Bell Schools, 111, 112. Langley, Ambrose, footballer, 157.

Examples of Footballer

Example #1
He used generally to give a half-contemptuous nod as he passed the little group, uncovering his head for the shortest possible period consistent with civility, and making his way to the far end of the boat.
Example #2
He had a strong, plain face, grey eyes deeply set, and brown hair that looked as if he was in a constant state of rumpling it up the wrong way.
Example #3
Time had removed the flying tackle as a factor in Mr Birdsey's life.
Example #4
Aeons before, when the young blood ran swiftly in his veins and life was all before him, Mr Birdsey had played football.
Example #5
He afterwards left the town and joined the Grimsby Town Football Club; subsequently he went to Middlesborough, Yorkshire, playing for the Ironopolis Football Club.
Example #6
About 30 years ago Robert Langley kept an inn in South Street, called the “Coach and Horses,” on the premises now occupied by Mr. Crowson, Grocer.