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Definition of Fore-and-after

  • sailing vessel with a fore-and-aft rig

How to use fore-and-after in a sentence. Fore-and-after pronunciation.

And so, although the light-winged craft that was following the ship sailed three feet to her two; yet she had such a long start, and the breeze was so fair and dead aft-which was all in favour of a square-rigged vessel and against a fore-and-after, that sails best with the wind abeam-that the felucca was still some five miles off when day broke and the chief mate first discovered her.
You say the word, and I have got a friend with a little fore-and-after as only wants him and a hand and mebbe me to give a pull at a sheet.
She had ceased to be profitable in competition with the larger, more modern fore-and-after, but these battered, veteran craft died hard.

Examples of Fore-and-after

Example #1
He was not alone in his discovery either, for he noticed that a part of the watch were looking over the bulwarks at the approaching vessel, and from their gesticulations and rapid speech in their own language he thought something was up.
Example #2
A stern-chase is proverbially a long one.
Example #3
He'd run you over in no time.
Example #4
How are we to get there?
Example #5
They harked back to a simpler age, to the era of the stage-coach and the spinning-wheel, to the little shipyards that were to be found on every bay and inlet of New England.
Example #6
The small schooner appeared to be doomed somewhat earlier.