Forget-i in a sentence

The word "forget-i" in a example sentences. Learn the definition of forget-i and how to use it in a sentence.

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How to use forget-i in a sentence. Forget-i pronunciation.

I want to forget-I hope some day I may forget.
He kept it while he could add, "I don't forget-I can never forget-how good you were to me in those days," and at that she gave his hand a quick pressure.
But-don't forget!-I shall have the field to myself.

Examples of Forget-i

Example #1
Never ask me to go there.
Example #2
You remember the glow of evening sunlight between the red pine and the silver birch?
Example #3
I am you're going to stay," said the painter, with a fervor that made her impulsively put out her hand to him.
Example #4
I'm afraid you'll be so well provided for that there won't be anything.
Example #5
I-" "You ARE thirty-eight," Harriet said.
Example #6
I seem middle- aged to her.