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How to use form—a in a sentence. Form—a pronunciation.

They believed, for instance, that Jesus was to return visibly, in that age, and set up his church in person, and reign in the world in outward form—a thing which did not take place.
The question was, whether the withering influence of the overseers, the domination of the churchwardens, and the blighting despotism of the vestry-clerk, should be allowed to render the election of beadle a form—a nullity: whether they should impose a vestry-elected beadle on the parish, to do their bidding and forward their views, or whether the parishioners, fearlessly asserting their undoubted rights, should elect an independent beadle of their own.
If Mr. Barker can be fairly said to have had any weakness in his earlier years, it was an amiable one—love; love in its most comprehensive form—a love of ladies, liquids, and pocket-handkerchiefs.

Examples of Form—a

Example #1
The word ἔθνη is the only word in the New Testament which is ever translated _heathen_: wherever the word _heathen_ occurs in our Bible, it is always this.
Example #2
But the early Church held some opinions which all now believe to be false.
Example #3
The nomination was fixed to take place in the vestry, but so great was the throng of anxious spectators, that it was found necessary to adjourn to the church, where the ceremony commenced with due solemnity.
Example #4
It was no longer an individual struggle, but a party contest between the ins and outs.
Example #5
It was no selfish feeling; it was not confined to his own possessions, which but too many men regard with exclusive complacency.
Example #6
His feverish attachment to change and variety nothing could repress; his native daring no punishment could subdue.