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Definition of Fosterage

  • The care of a foster child; the charge of nursing.
  • helping someone grow up to be an accepted member of the community
  • encouragement; aiding the development of something

How to use fosterage in a sentence. Fosterage pronunciation.

There still remains in the Islands, though it is passing fast away, the custom of fosterage.
The terms of fosterage seem to vary in different islands.
Fosterage is, I believe, sometimes performed upon more liberal terms.

Examples of Fosterage

Example #1
A Laird, a man of wealth and eminence, sends his child, either male or female, to a tacksman, or tenant, to be fostered.
Example #2
He therefore asked, and obtained shelter in the Isle of Col. The power of protection subsists no longer, but what the law permits is yet continued, and Maclean of Col now educates the heir of Maclonich.
Example #3
In Mull, the father sends with his child a certain number of cows, to which the same number is added by the fosterer.
Example #4
It is not always his own tenant, but some distant friend that obtains this honour; for an honour such a trust is very reasonably thought.
Example #5
Our friend, the young Laird of Col, was fostered by Macsweyn of Grissipol.
Example #6
The fosterer, if he gives four cows, receives likewise four, and has, while the child continues with him, grass for eight without rent, with half the calves, and all the milk, for which he pays only four cows when he dismisses his Dalt, for that is the name for a foster child.