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Talking of bygone days, the Fourth-Form Room at Harrow has been unchanged since Queen Elizabeth's time, and still retains all its Elizabethan fittings: heavy, clumsy, solid oak armchairs for the masters, each one equipped with a stout, iron-bound, oak table, and strong oak benches for the boys.
How many fourth-form boys at Mr. Addison’s school of Charterhouse could write as well as that now?
But you must be informed that a rabble of shell and fourth-form boys do not constitute the school in any sense of the word.

Examples of Fourth-form

Example #1
As a youngster, I liked to think that I was sitting on the identical benches occupied, more than three hundred years earlier, by Elizabethan youths in trunk hose and doublets.
Example #2
Unfortunately to enter thoroughly into the spirit of the thing, one would have been forced, in her words, "to eat like a cormorant, and to drink like a porpoise," with the certainty of a liver attack to follow.
Example #3
But titles or promotion were not to benefit him now.
Example #4
My lord was but a small addition to this; bringing, indeed, only his sword and the few pieces in his pocket; but the king received him with some kindness and distinction in spite of his poor plight, confirmed him in his new title of marquis, gave him a regiment, and promised him further promotion.
Example #5
And understand too, that even if the majority of the school _had_ been against us, we monitors are not quite so ignorant of our solemn duty as to make that any reason for letting a brutal and cowardly act of bullying go unpunished.
Example #6
You have been very silly, Kenrick, and have been just misled by conceit.