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How to use fourth-the in a sentence. Fourth-the pronunciation.

The fourth-THE FIFTH! "En avant!" cried Eugene; and the dragoons galloped forward.
The reason he had not performed the fourth-the waiting upon customers-was simple enough; there had been no customers to wait upon.
Also, there is a like agreement that John's _first_ beast identifies with Daniel's _fourth_,-the Roman empire.
Fourth-The preliminary declaration of intention to be abolished and no alien to be naturalized until at least ninety days after the filing of his petition.

Examples of Fourth-the

Example #1
They were to drive the enemy from the valley of the Nussberg, and force the pass of Heiligenstadt.
Example #2
The second, the third, followed, and every eye glistened, and every heart throbbed.
Example #3
Sam Bartlett, the boy whose duty it was to take down the shutters, sweep out, dust, and wait upon early-bird customers, had performed the first three of these tasks and gone home for breakfast.
Example #4
I The Metropolitan Dry Goods and Variety Store at Trumet Centre was open for business.
Example #5
Thus far, all sober expositors are agreed.
Example #6
The different parts of the "image" answer to the four beasts; and these again are the symbols of the Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Grecian and Roman empires.