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How to use fourthe in a sentence. Fourthe pronunciation.

Wept bothe young and old in all that place, When that the king this cursed letter sent; And Constance, with a deadly pale face, The fourthe day toward her ship she went.
May Helde her chamber till the fourthe day, As usage is of wives for the best.
The fourthe day complete from noon to noon, When that the highe masse was y-done, In halle sat this January, and May, As fresh as is the brighte summer's day.
Where came the fourthe company.

Examples of Fourthe

Example #1
In her distress, "well nigh out of her wit for pure fear," she appealed for protection to Hector; who, "piteous of nature," and touched by her sorrow and her beauty, assured her of safety, so long as she pleased to dwell in Troy.
Example #2
His daughter, whom he had left in the city, a widow and alone, was in great fear for her life.
Example #3
This is to say, no life of creature, Be it of fish, or bird, or beast, or man.
Example #4
And down he laid his head and slept till prime.
Example #5
And so befell, how that this goode man Remember'd him upon this Damian.
Example #6
A bride shall not eaten in the ball Till dayes four, or three days at the least, Y-passed be; then let her go to feast.