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Definition of Frankfurt

  • a German city; an industrial and commercial and financial center

How to use frankfurt in a sentence. Frankfurt pronunciation.

I was on two of Fritz's Battle-fields, moreover: Lobositz in Bohemia, and Kunersdorf by Frankfurt on the Oder; but did not, especially in the latter case, make much of that.
Lobositz in Bohemia, and Kunersdorf by Frankfurt on the Oder; but did not, especially in the latter case, make much of that.
Verein in Frankfurt a. M.
Light Cruisers-Bremen, 4,000 tons; Brummer, 4,000 tons; Frankfurt, 5,400 tons; Koeln, tonnage uncertain; Dresden, tonnage uncertain, and Emden, 5,400 tons.
Pareus, Frankfurt, 1619, 1623, and 1641.
Haette man in Berlin geistvolle und beredte nationalistische Geistliche wie Schmaltz in Hamburg, Boeckel in Oldenburg, Friedrich in Frankfurt, Goldhorn in Leipzig, Bretschneider in Gotha, haette man statt einer Clique junger Kopfhaenger eine Schule wahrhaft menschheitsveredelnder, talentvoller junger Kanzelredner gestiftet, die Kirchen wuerden ueberfuellter und die Gefaengnisse leerer sein.
Noch beduerfen wir, um das, was in Frankfurt bezweckt wird, auszufuehren, der Persoenlichkeit unserer Fuersten.
Vor dreizehn Jahren in Muenchen die Maria Stuart und vor zwei Jahren in Frankfurt am Main Maria Theresia.
Beitragen_ (Frankfurt a. M., 1897).
PATHOLOGY Schoenberg [Footnote: Schoenberg: Frankfurt.
C. Fred Alford (in "Narcissism: Socrates, the Frankfurt School, and Psychoanalytic Theory", Yale University Press, 1988) enumerates the symptoms: "...withdrawal, emotional aloofness, hyporeactivity (emotional flatness), sex without emotional involvement, segmentation and partial involvement (lack of interest and commitment to things outside oneself), fixation on oral- stage issues, regression, infantilism and depersonalization.
Here he found scheduled a letter addressed to Mr. Leo Pernburg, Frankfurt am Main, sent by John Siders, G-, Josef Street 7. Muller then hastened to the telegraph office and despatched a lengthy telegram to the postal authorities in Frankfurt am Main.
I will send this letter this evening to my friend Pernburg in Frankfurt am Main.
They maintained a clean cut appearance, and through discussion Scott learned that they were funded as part of a university research project in Frankfurt.
Goethe syntyi Frankfurt am Mainissa 1749 ja kuoli Weimarissa 1834.
He was carrying the protocols from Basle to Frankfurt to the local masonic organization.
The Infanta, Maria Theresa, was no longer heiress to the crown, for King Philip at last had a son; Spain was exhausted by long-continued efforts, and dismayed by the checks received in the, campaign of 1658; the alliance of the Rhine, recently concluded at Frankfurt between the two leagues, Catholic and Protestant, confirmed immutably the advantages which the treaty of Westphalia had secured to France.
The winter of 1844-45 I spent in Frankfurt on the Main [in the family in which N.P. Willis's brother Richard was boarding], and by May I was so good a German that I was often not suspected of being a foreigner.
I started off again on foot, a knapsack on my back, and visited the Brocken, Leipsic, Dresden, Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, and Munich, returning to Frankfurt in July.

Examples of Frankfurt

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The old Cities too are a little beautiful to me, in spite of my state of nerves; honest, kindly people too, but sadly short of our and your _despatch-of-business_ talents,-a really painful defect in the long run.
Example #2
I find I had never seen before.
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The elders of the Church, after carefully weighing all the circumstances, decided not to send him back to Georgia, but that he should go to England, to labor in the Fetter Lane Society, and among its friends.
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Thee has had a visitor," I said to him presently.
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Studien auf Veranlassung SNELLS sich 1863 in Jena als Privatdozent zu habilitieren.
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Privatstunden die freilich oft kaum ausreichenden Mittel zum Lebensunterhalt gewährt.