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Definition of Frat

  • a social club for male college undergraduates; a shortened form of fraternity.
  • a social club for male undergraduates

How to use frat in a sentence. Frat pronunciation.

We've found that he will be out to-night, sitting up with a sick frat.
There were too few students from the hills and a sectional club was forming, "The Mountain Club," into which Jason naturally had gone; but broadly the students were divided into "frat" men and "non-frat" men, chiefly along social lines, and there were literary clubs of which the watchword was merit and nothing else.
It was a poor frat, and it queered Bi right away.

Examples of Frat

Example #1
It's vacant now, and they're glad to let him have a room free for the sake of somebody to guard the premises.
Example #2
He's rooming in the old Baptist parsonage away out on the edge of town.
Example #3
In all these sectional cliques from the Purchase, Pennyroyal, and Peavine, as the western border of the State, the southern border, and the eastern border of hills were called; indeed, in all the sections except the Bear-grass, where was the largest town and where the greatest wealth of the State was concentrated, he found a widespread, subconscious, home-nursed resentment brought to that college against the lordly Blue-grass.
Example #4
He saw that each county had brought its local patriotism to college and had its county club.
Example #5
I guess he made other mistakes, too, but those were enough.
Example #6
His second mistake was in joining the first society that saw his name in the catalogue.