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The truth shall set you free,” said Christ, and the more we turn our aspirations from material acquisitiveness and seek to lay up treasure above, the more we aim to rise, the oftener we “get in the spirit,” the more readily we “shall know truth” and reach liberation from the fetter of flesh which binds us to a limited environment, and attain to a sphere of greater usefulness.
You are free,” they said to him, “why worry about exchanges?
The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free” (Rom.

Examples of Free

Example #1
Study of philosophy and science has a tendency to further perception of truth, and as science has progressed it has gradually receded from its erstwhile crude materialism.
Example #2
The straightest stick appears crooked when partly immersed in water, and the truths which are so self-evident in the Higher worlds are likewise obscured, refracted or twisted out of all semblance under the illusory conditions of this material world.
Example #3
But Brown had given his word as a man and as a soldier and he came back to our camp and surrendered.
Example #4
At Leavenworth they had one of our boys named Hoy, who had been taken at the Tate house, and we paroled Brown, and sent him to Leavenworth to ask the exchange of Hoy. Brown went, too, and was laughed at for his earnestness.
Example #5
The life of Jesus Christ brought into our heart by the Holy Spirit, operates there as a new law of divine strength and vitality, and counteracts, overcomes and lifts us above the old law of sin and death.
Example #6
And when we reach our home and read the records of life, we shall better know and appreciate the infinite love of that Divine Friend, who has watched within as the Spirit of prayer, and breathed out our every need to the heart of God.