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While still in the short-frock period of existence, and while their hair is still free-flowing, they take the keenest interest in boys-boys of neighbouring schools, other girls' brothers, young bank clerks, and the like.
Free-flowing was his talk at such hours, and far more quiet and gentle than in the day-time and before numbers.
Such inks when used unadulterated, remain in an almost pristine color condition; while the other inks to which some pigment or color had been added, probably to make them more agreeable in appearance and more free-flowing, with a mistaken idea of improving them, are much discolored and in every instance present but slight indications of their original condition.
In a number of the browner ones indigo was found to be present while in many of the black ones it was not, demonstrating that the reason for the continuing blackness of the older inks is not due to an added color or pigment of any kind and furthermore that the "Stark" and corresponding ink formulas after the test of TIME did not retain their original blackness but deteriorated to a brown color; moreover, that their purpose as in the present day was to give an agreeable and immediate color result, a free-flowing ink, and to cheapen the cost of manufacture when compared with that of an unadulterated tanno-gallate of iron ink.

Examples of Free-flowing

Example #1
Of course it was highly reprehensible to have such thoughts at the tender age of sixteen, but then the child had no mother to check that erring imagination, and she was a daughter of the South. Australian girls nearly always begin to think of "lovers and nonsense," as middlefolks call it, long before their English aged sisters do.
Example #2
I do not say English girl children are free from this.
Example #3
He would then forget politics and discussion, and would dwell on the past times of his house, on his family history, on himself and his own feelings-subjects each and all invested with a peculiar zest, for they were each and all unique.
Example #4
Many a time, when we have had the benefit of a full moon, and when the night has been mild and balmy, when, moreover, a certain nightingale has been singing, and a certain stream, hid in alders, has lent the song a soft accompaniment, the remote church-bell of the one hamlet in a district of ten miles, has tolled midnight ere the lord of the wood left us at our porch.
Example #5
The question of the character of the paper employed during these eras, composed of different kinds of fibrous vegetable substances, possesses some importance when discussing its relationship to inks.
Example #6
We are not confined in our investigations of ancient MSS.