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How to use frescoing in a sentence. Frescoing pronunciation.

Suppose common floors will answer, and common plastering for the walls, if I paper; but shall I,-or do you recommend frescoing; and what do you say to cornices and other stucco-work?
Then it was that a pert miss from one of the Oranges remarked: "Yes, the frescoing is lovely-almost all of it.
The Italians have given us an imitation of their frescoing - the doing of it in this manner illustrates the simplicity of the Italian mind, but does not convey to one who has not been to Italy the absolute grandness of Italian fresco.

Examples of Frescoing

Example #1
I've no time to go over all the points in your last.
Example #2
What about wainscoting halls or any of the rooms?
Example #3
But-whoever could have designed that frieze, Mr. Hawkins?
Example #4
Dinner had been lively, for the guests were mainly young, and the wines such as Hawkins can afford; but when we had assembled in the drawing-room, conversation seemed to slow down somewhat, and to pass over to a languid discussion of the house as a sort of relaxation.
Example #5
This is not a detailed review nor can justice here be done to all that honest, earnest, hopeful effort of the world-loving artist - he who delights in the myriad phases of our lovely-terrible life, who naively labors to bring forth his sonnet of praise.
Example #6
Again we find good composition and brilliant coloring in the two wall paintings in the Pennsylvania Building.