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My Dear Friend,-As I find I never write a letter except at the dunning of the Penny Post,-which is the pest of the century,-I have thought lately of crossing to England to excuse to you my negligence of your injunction, which so flattered me by its affectionateness a year ago.
Of course you know that your mother was my only child, and an heiress; but you are ignorant probably of the fact that when she returned to boarding school for the last session, she was engaged in marriage to the son of my best friend-a man in every respect desirable, and thoroughly acceptable to me.
Marriage, my dear boy, is at the best a treacherous proceeding; and a friend-a true friend-will never counsel another to adopt it rashly.
Count Des Saix is my friend-a gentleman, a nobleman.
But though I saw much of him as he swung around on his annual visit, and though he looked upon me as his friend-as, indeed, I was, and proved myself to be such more than once, thank God!-still he never offered to tell me his history, and I certainly never questioned him about it.
She had looked her duty courageously in the face and found it a friend-as duty ever is when we meet it frankly.
And in a minute or less Harry heard a welcome click that told him his new found friend-a friend in need, indeed, he was proving himself to be!-had succeeded.
I have taken up my temporary abode with a friend-a professional man, in whose business I can be useful.
But have you such a thing in the world, beyond the pale of your own family, as a true friend,-a man friend; and supposing that you had such a friend,-a friend who would stand by you through thick and thin; who would tell you your faults to your face, and praise you for your good qualities behind your back; who would do all he could to save you from a danger, and all he could to get you out of one,-supposing you had such a friend and lost him, do you believe that if you lived to the age of Methuselah you could find another?
I dare say you will be more pleased to learn than I am to record the fact that I have been again decoyed into the society of ladies and gentlemen, and have accepted an invitation to pass a few days at Neesdale Park with Mr. Travers,-christened Leopold, who calls you "his old friend,"-a term which I take for granted belongs to that class of poetic exaggeration in which the "dears" and "darlings" of conjugal intercourse may be categorized.
Faye and I have lost a friend-a real, true friend.
I bought it without delay, and was wondering where I could find something to go with it in that little town, when I met a friend-a friend indeed-who offered me some widths of silk that had been dyed a most hideous shade of green.
I had a friend-a very happy woman; she is dead, I must follow her -that is all.
But I had a friend-a sailor-who owned a sailor's protection, which answered somewhat the purpose of free papers-describing his person, and certifying to the fact that he was a free American sailor.
He had a friend-a gay, handsome, thoughtless, careless young man-named Piers Gaveston, who had often led him into mischief.
I'll tell you, friend!-a wise man and a fool.
Stella was accompanied by a friend-a widow named Mrs. Dingley-without whose presence, or that of some third person, Swift never saw Esther Johnson.
She was appealing to him as a friend,-as one on whom she could depend!
The mere way in which he called her by her first name, as though she were an old friend-a sort of old sweetheart of his whom for some reason he had failed to marry-filled her with perfect trust.
Those poor bar girls are quite unprotected; they have a sitting-room into which they may not bring a friend-a man, I mean.

Examples of Friend-a

Example #1
I was to write once a month.
Example #2
My own disobedience is wonderful, and explains to me all the sins of omission of the whole world.
Example #3
I long to get away.
Example #4
She should blush to remember it.
Example #5
Sdeath, nephew Morton,-but I won't scold thee, though thou deservest it.
Example #6
By the same post I wrote to the good old knight in as artful a strain as I was able, dwelling at some length upon my passion, upon the high birth, as well as the numerous good qualities of the object, but mentioning not her name; and I added everything that I thought likely to enlist my uncle's kind and warm feelings on my behalf.