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How to use friend-we in a sentence. Friend-we pronunciation.

MY DEAR FRIEND:-We were all pleased to receive your letter informing us of your safe journey back to Illinois.
DEAR Friend:-We were delighted to receive your interesting letter of March 2, describing the Farmer's Institute.
Montagu, surprised, gazed more attentively on his visitor: "Surely, I know thy face, friend,-we have met before.
Stay then with us, Lafayette-stay with us-here in every house you will find a home and in every heart a friend-we will with filial affection rock with gentleness the cradle of your declining age; and when it shall please the God of universal nature to call you to himself, crowned with the blessings of at least one free and mighty nation, we will then with holy devotion bury your bones by the side of your adopted and immortal father, and moisten your tomb with the tears of love and gratitude.

Examples of Friend-we

Example #1
I had hoped that you might find a piece of land here in the East which would suit you; but I am not surprised that you and your mother should prefer to remain in Illinois, because of your former associations and your better knowledge of the Western conditions.
Example #2
Northern men who come South often have serious difficulty to manage our negro labor.
Example #3
I have been to two such meetings in Virginia, but they are devoted to fruit and truck and dairying, and no one seems to know much about our soils.
Example #4
Mr. Percy Johnston, Heart-of-Egypt, Ill.
Example #5
He scarcely noticed Hilyard on his entrance, and said abruptly, "Speak shortly, friend,-I have but little leisure.
Example #6
Imagining that these messages would tend to illustrate the communications just received, he ordered the visitor to be admitted.