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In 1758 he was planting with his mother and brother Gabriel, near Friersons Lock on the Santee Canal.
Mr. Henry Ravenel, of Pineville, now more than 70 years of age, knew him in the year 1758; he had then lost his father; and, removing with his mother and brother Gabriel from Georgetown, they settled for one year near Frierson's lock, on the present Santee canal.
I called Lieutenant-Colonel Frierson's attention to the Yankees, and he remarked, "Well, I don't know whether they are Yankees or not, but if they are, they will come out of there mighty quick.
I ate dinner with Captain Joe Love, and Frank Frierson filled my haversack with hardtack and bacon.

Examples of Frierson

Example #1
There were several children, and before Francis was yet twenty-five years of age, he lost his father.
Example #2
The resources of his family seem to have been very moderate.
Example #3
The next year Gabriel removed to Belle Isle, in St. Stephen's parish, late the residence of his son, the Hon.
Example #4
Engaged in cultivating the soil, we hear no more of Marion for ten years.
Example #5
We marched plumb into the Yankee lines, with their flags flying.
Example #6
I was on the skirmish line.