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Definition of Fringy

  • Adorned with fringes.

How to use fringy in a sentence. Fringy pronunciation.

Again a cloud had torn loose from that squall-bag on the horizon, and again it showed that cottony, fringy, whitish under layer which meant snow.
My jacket collar is all fringy round the edges, and the top button is split.
She only wagged her fringy tail, and licked her mistress's hand, and goggled at her with her full dark eyes.
A few of the tallest specimens measured over eighty feet, with a diameter of eighteen inches; but many of the younger trees, growing in tufts, were nearly fifty feet high, with a diameter of only five or six inches, while their slender shafts were hidden from top to bottom by a close, fringy growth of tasseled branchlets.
I seek the coolest sheltered seat Just where the field and forest meet,- Where grow the pine-trees tall and bland, The ancient oaks austere and grand, And fringy roots and pebbles fret The ripples of the rivulet.

Examples of Fringy

Example #1
I raised the top of the cutter and fastened the curtains.
Example #2
So we all got ready; I brought the horses out and hooked them up, alone-no trouble from them this morning: they were quiet enough when they drank deep at the well. A few whirls of snow had come down meanwhile-not enough, however, as yet to show as a new layer on the older snow.
Example #3
My necktie has been washed four times too often-ugh!
Example #4
It doesn't belong on a sailor, anyway, but it's better than a hole right into your hair!
Example #5
And yet Diana felt quite sure that she had many strange and interesting things to tell, if she only could.
Example #6
One afternoon she was lying on the school-room sofa with Sarah by her side.