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How to use fro in a sentence. Fro pronunciation.

While at the mainyard to and fro- and knowing this voice (to my cost) I looked around for some weapon, since I had none and was all but naked, and whipping up a jagged and serviceable stone, stood awaiting him with this in my fist.
Back and fro, back and fro- On the dark of the earth and where 'twas light.
No, they were hemlocks, by their shape, and among them were moving to and fro- flies?

Examples of Fro

Example #1
And down the beach he comes, jocund and debonair in his finery, albeit something pale by reason of excess and my rapier work.
Example #2
And cheerly come sing O!
Example #3
But 'twas always the same thought as I had-"Some day I shall come back to Steve," I did tell me.
Example #4
And I be struck to the heart, I be, struck to the heart.
Example #5
Of course, I cannot see flies!
Example #6
Still I could see- black on the green-the large twenty-foot circles which I remembered so well, which broke the concave of the dome; and, on the upper edge-were these palm-trees?