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How to use frogg in a sentence. Frogg pronunciation.

Whereupon John went forth, and pawned his gold watch under the assumed name of John Froggs, 85 Pleasance.
To the right and up the mountain road Frogg's Corner lay four miles and a half away; Pitcairn was six miles back over the road which the man had travelled.
She was standing quite still in front of the sign-post, peering up the road toward Frogg's Corner,-confronted by a steep climb that led into black and sinister timberlands above the narrow strip of pasture bordering the pike.

Examples of Frogg

Example #1
But the nervousness that assailed him at the door of that inglorious haunt - a pawnshop - and the effort necessary to invent the pseudonym (which, somehow, seemed to him a necessary part of the procedure), had taken more time than he imagined: and when he returned to the billiard-room with the spoils, the bank had already closed its doors.
Example #2
Come; it's a small service, after all.
Example #3
She stopped before the little sign-post, and together they made out the faint directions.
Example #4
He drew back to let her pass.
Example #5
The fierce wind pinned her skirts to her slender body as she leaned against the gale, gripping her hat tightly with one hand and straining under the weight of the bag in the other.
Example #6
His first glimpse of her had been extremely casual,-indeed he had paid no attention to her at all, so eager was he to read the directions and be on his way.