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How to use frolicksome in a sentence. Frolicksome pronunciation.

I came to places where the wind had had its moments of frolicksome humour, where it had made grim fun of its own massive and cumbersome and yet so pliable and elastic majesty.
Have you heard of a frolicksome Ditty, &c. MACHEATH.
There seemed to be a desire for something frolicksome to follow upon this conversation, and in a weak moment I suggested that George should get out his banjo, and see if he could not give us a comic song.

Examples of Frolicksome

Example #1
It had turned around and around, running with breathless speed, with its tongue lolling out, as it were, and probably yapping and snapping in mocking mimicry of a pup trying to catch its tail; and it had scooped out a spiral trough with overhanging rim.
Example #2
They were formidable structures; formidable and intimidating, more through the suggestiveness of their shape than through mere size.
Example #3
How happy could I be with either, Were t'other dear Charmer away!
Example #4
I not claim my own?
Example #5
I will say for George that he did not want any pressing.
Example #6
This naturally led to some pleasant chat about sciatica, fevers, chills, lung diseases, and bronchitis; and Harris said how very awkward it would be if one of us were taken seriously ill in the night, seeing how far away we were from a doctor.