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Definition of Frow

  • A woman; especially, a Dutch or German woman.
  • A dirty woman; a slattern.
  • A cleaving tool with handle at right angles to the blade, for splitting cask staves and shingles from the block; a frower.

How to use frow in a sentence. Frow pronunciation.

Margaret, _Wife to_ Vandunke. Mrs Frances, _a frow Daughter to_ Vanlock.
The captain, a young man, was below, asleep in his berth, dreaming, it may be, of happy scenes in which a young and smiling "jung frow" formed a prominent object.
Why, bless you, forty of 'em wouldn't dare to frow a stone at me.
Those huts are from ten to fifteen feet square, built of logs, and covered, not with shingles, but with boards, about four feet long, split out of pine timber with a '_frow_'.

Examples of Frow

Example #1
Jaculin, _Daughter to_ Gerrard, _beloved of_ Hubert.
Example #2
Enter a_ Merchant _and_ Herman.
Example #3
He rushed from his berth, believing his last hour was come, sprang upon deck, and seeing a ship alongside, made one leap into the chainwales of the strange vessel, and another one over the rail to the deck.
Example #4
The ship Pactolus, of Boston, bound from Hamburg through the English channel, while running one night in a thick fog near the Goodwin Sands, fell in with several Dutch galliots, lying to, waiting for daylight, and while attempting to steer clear of one, ran foul of another, giving the Dutchman a terrible shaking and carrying away one of the masts.
Example #5
I s'pose dey wanted to keep dar dogs and pappooses in it, and I 'cluded as how dey warn't gwine to get it.
Example #6
I can only wonder at your stupidity.