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How to use frum in a sentence. Frum pronunciation.

De young folks frum here useta use it for a courtin-house.
I never walked straight frum dat day to dis and I have to set here in dis chair now, but I don' feel mad none now.
En missus, when de big gun fiahed, de runerway slaves comed out de woods frum all directions.
I 'member; I was big enough to tote meat an' stuff frum de smokehouse to de kitchen and to tote water in and git wood for granny to cook de dinner and fur de sucklers who nu'sed de babies, an' I carried dinners back to de hands.
On dis plantation dere was 'bout a hunnerd head; cookin' was done in de fireplace in iron pots and de meals was plenty of peas, greens, cornbread burnt co'n for coffee-often de marster bought some coffee fur us; we got water frum de open well.
Yer hear frum me, yer will.
Wornums kicked up, you'd 'a thought the pore chile'd done took'n run off 'long of a whole passel er high pirates frum somewheres er 'nother.
She died right yer while you was a-traipsin' an' a-trollopin' roun' frum pos' to pillar a-upholdin' your quality idees.
As Mrs. Poteet remarked after it was all over, "They wer'n't a bobble frum beginnin' to en';" and when the wedding party started down the mountain in the early hours of the morning to take conveyances at Gullettsville for the railroad station, thirty miles away, Uncle Jake Norris was sober enough to stand squarely on his feet as he held Sis's hand. "Ez St. Paul says, I prophesy in perportion to my faith.
They wuz jewlarkers thar frum ever'wheres, an' they lookt like they wuz too brazen to live skacely.
Other words in this dialect are "sprack," an adjective meaning quick or lively; and "frem" or "frum," a word derived from the Anglo-Saxon "fram," meaning fresh or flourishing.
If you ask Tom Peregrine why these things are so, he will only tell you that after a few gales the "springs be _frum_.
It can't be far frum their time to git up, ennyhow.
But, 'struth, I ain't recovered frum it yet!
To call 'er back I'll never lift a 'and; She'll never 'ear frum me by word or sign.
Two dilly sorter dawgs made outer delf Stares 'ard at me frum orf the mantelshelf.
Someone to battle fer besides meself, Somethink to love an' shield frum care and strife.
Clean to the pack wivout one pearly tear; An' frum the ashes of a ne'er-do-well A bloomin' farmer's blossomin' like 'ell.
An' coaxin' fancy tucker frum the soil, An' longin', while I wrestles with the rake, Fer days when me poor back fergits to ache.
I reckons dat I will always 'member dat walk, wid de bushes slappin' my laigs, de win' sighin' in de trees, an' de hoot owls an' whippoorwills hollerin' at each other frum de big trees.

Examples of Frum

Example #1
It didn't have no door neither when I moved in.
Example #2
I gits over on de other side of de room.
Example #3
At night my pa would try to fix me up cose I had to go back to work nex' day.
Example #4
Some uv de slaves run away, lots uv um.
Example #5
We wuz in de field when it fiahed, but I 'members dey wuz all very glad.
Example #6
Dis is whut I know, not whut somebody else say.