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How to use fugace in a sentence. Fugace pronunciation.

Quelques instants fugaces de babillard avec des Canadiens perdus dans les grands froids.
Aye, me-what changes time doth ring-_eheu! fugaces!
He must have read a famous line in Horace thus, "Eheu fugaces Posthoome, Posthoome!" which could scarce 'scape whipping, even at Stratford Free School.

Examples of Fugace

Example #1
C'est toujours une question, une frustration, cette impossibilité du papier à entrer dans la machine!
Example #2
Les dispositifs d'annotation informatique sont pourtant loin d'égaler ceux, analogiques, de la lecture papier: post-it, pages cornées, notes en marge, photocopies commentées, agrandies, modifiées, partagées...
Example #3
I was her Eugenio and she my Sacharissa-a withered crone to-day, sir, and, alas, most inelegantly slim, I hear-bones, a temper, an eagle's beak and nut-cracker chin!
Example #4
A shattered knee-cap to remind me of my vivid youth, an awkward limp to keep in my mind the lovely cause-aha, she was all clinging tenderness and plump as a partridge then.
Example #5
In the same way he makes the penultimate syllable of Andronicus short, equally impossible. Mr. Greenwood, we shall see, denies to him Titus Andronicus, but also appears to credit it to him, as one of the older plays which he "revised, improved, and dressed," {44a} and THAT is taken to have been all his "authorship" in several cases.
Example #6
We do not see how a scholar could make, as the scansion of his blank verse proves that the author did make, the second syllable of the name of Posthumus, in Cymbeline, long.