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How to use fuguet in a sentence. Fuguet pronunciation.

But directions were left with that house that if a letter ever came to Mrs. Philip Horn, it was to be sent to her in care of Mrs. Cliff, and, to facilitate the reception of such a letter, Mrs. Cliff made Wraxton, Fuguet & Co. her bankers, and all her letters were addressed to them.
It had been brought by a messenger from Wraxton, Fuguet & Co., and had been delivered to Mrs. Cliff.
It must be shipped to various financial centres, and what was to be done required so much prudence, knowledge, and discretion that without the aid of the house of Wraxton, Fuguet & Co., he believed his difficulties would have been greater than when he stood behind the wall of gold on the shore of the Patagonian island.
Fuguet did not live in Paris, and the captain had never seen him.

Examples of Fuguet

Example #1
But at Edna's bankers she was known as Miss Markham, and her only Parisian connection with the name of Horn was through Mrs. Cliff.
Example #2
For the sake of security, some of the money was sent to a London banker, and in Paris she did not deposit with the banking house which Captain Horn had mentioned.
Example #3
That lady had told the messenger to take the letter to Edna's salon, and she was now lying in her own chamber, in a state of actual ague.
Example #4
Yes, it was really directed to "Mrs. Philip Horn.
Example #5
He did not even ask her to come to him.
Example #6
This cargo must be landed openly.