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Definition of Full-formed

  • Full in form or shape; rounded out with flesh.

How to use full-formed in a sentence. Full-formed pronunciation.

And instantly a plan for releasing him had leapt full-formed into her mind, and had been carried out with swift unflinching resolution.
It did not spring full-formed from the brain of either Kant or Laplace, like Athene from the brain of Zeus.
Professor Scheibner would not say that Professor Zoellner's mental disturbance was pronounced and full-formed, so to speak, but that it was incipient, and, if Zoellner had lived longer, would have fully developed.

Examples of Full-formed

Example #1
As he forced himself, now, to look down the suddenly illuminated past to the weeks which had elapsed between her visit to Mr. Langhope and her departure from Hanaford, he wondered not so much at her swiftness of resolve as at her firmness in carrying out her plan-and he saw, with a blinding flash of insight, that it was in her love for him that she had found her strength.
Example #2
The extent to which Amherst's fate was involved in hers had become clear to her with his first word of reassurance, of faith in her motive.
Example #3
Laplace had one great advantage over the early speculators.
Example #4
That is the genealogy of the famous nebular hypothesis.
Example #5
Zoellner himself, "whose brothers and sisters frequently[A] suffered from mental disease, often feared lest a similar fate should come upon him.
Example #6
Towards the last he was passionate when criticized.