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How to use fute in a sentence. Fute pronunciation.

Now wes the king cumin to the fute of the crag, and all his nobilis severit, heir and thair, fra him, at thair game and solace; quhen suddenlie apperit to his sicht the fairist hart that evir wes sene afore with levand creature.
We need not labour, with so many arguments, to con- fute judicial astrology; for, if there be a truth therein, it doth not injure divinity.
The scepticks, that affirmed they knew nothing,<72> even in that opinion con- fute themselves, and thought they knew more than all the world beside.

Examples of Fute

Example #1
At last, quhen he wes cumin throw the vail that lyis to the gret eist fra the said castell, quhare now lyis the Canongait, the staik past throw the wod with sic noyis and din of rachis and bugillis, that all the bestis were rasit fra thair dennis.
Example #2
Nochtheles, his dissuasion is litill avalit; for the king wes finallie so provokit, be inoportune solicitatioun of his baronis, that he past, nochtwithstanding the solempnite of this day, to his hountis.
Example #3
If to be born under Mer- cury disposeth us to be witty; under Jupiter to be wealthy; I do not owe a knee unto these, but unto that merciful hand that hath ordered my indifferent and uncertain nativity unto such benevolous aspects.
Example #4
Thus have we no just quarrel with nature for leaving us naked; or to envy the horns, hoofs, skins, and furs of other creatures; being provided with reason, that can supply them all.
Example #5
Diogenes I hold to be the most vain- glorious man of his time, and more ambitious in refus- ing all honours, than Alexander in rejecting none.
Example #6
It is evident that Aristotle transgressed the rule of his own ethicks;<70> the stoicks, that condemn passion, and command a man to laugh in Phalaris's<71> bull, could not endure without a groan a fit of the stone or colick.