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Definition of Futurism

  • A movement or phase of post-impressionism (which see, below).
  • A point of view that finds meaning or fulfillment in the future rather than in the past or present. The philosophy of a futurist.
  • the position that the meaning of life should be sought in the future
  • an artistic movement in Italy around 1910 that tried to express the energy and values of the machine age

How to use futurism in a sentence. Futurism pronunciation.

In comparison with the effected futurism of the other pictures in the studio, "Our Lady of the Poppies," beyond question was a great painting.
Paul Post-that painter a little in advance of Futurism; and she was impatient with her father because his eyebrows would go up, and because he had heard of neither.

Examples of Futurism

Example #1
From a point where the entire composition might be taken in by the eye, the uncanny scene glowed with highly colored detail; but, exclude the scheme of the composition, and focus the eye upon any one item-the golden dragon-the seated Chinaman-the ebony door-the silk-shaded lamp; it had no detail whatever: one beheld a meaningless mass of colors.
Example #2
Above her head, this girl of demoniacal beauty held a bunch of poppies seemingly torn from the vase: this, with her left hand; with her right she pointed, tauntingly, at her beholder.
Example #3
He had done wonders with.
Example #4
Through the flower and fruit garden, against whose high outer walls peach trees and nectarines were trained to the sun, through the stables, the vinery, the mushroom house, the asparagus beds, the rosery, the summer-house, he conducted her-even into the kitchen garden to see the tiny green peas which Holly loved to scoop out of their pods with her finger, and lick up from the palm of her little brown hand.