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How to use <g in a sentence. <g pronunciation.

Twas English cut on Greek and Latin, Like fustian heretofore on satin; It had an odd promiscuous tone, As if h' had talk'd three parts in one; 100 Which made some think, when he did gabble, Th' had heard three labourers of Babel; Or CERBERUS himself pronounce A leash of languages at once.
For 'twas your zealous want of sense, And sanctify'd impertinence, Your carrying business in a huddle, 1195 That forc'd our rulers to new-model; Oblig'd the State to tack about, And turn you, root and branch, all out; To reformado, one and all, T' your great Croysado General.
A bracketed is shorthand for grin, and means grinning, ducking, and running.

Examples of <g

Example #1
And when with hasty noise he spoke 'em, The ignorant for current took 'em; That had the orator, who once 115 Did fill his mouth with pebble stones When he harangu'd, but known his phrase He would have us'd no other ways.
Example #2
For RHETORIC, he could not ope His mouth, but out there flew a trope; And when he happen'd to break off I' th' middle of his speech, or cough, H' had hard words,ready to show why, 85 And tell what rules he did it by; Else, when with greatest art he spoke, You'd think he talk'd like other folk, For all a rhetorician's rules Teach nothing but to name his tools.
Example #3
There's nothing else that intervenes, And bars your zeal to use the means And therefore wond'rous like, no doubt, To bring in Kings, or keep them out.
Example #4
We knew too well those tricks of yours, To leave it ever in your powers; Or trust our safeties, or undoings, To your disposing of out-goings; Or to your ordering Providence, 1175 One farthing's-worth of consequence.
Example #5
Some people prefer to write their emotional state in full text, like in these two examples: *grin* and *smile*.
Example #6
You still should not allow yourself to write the most appallingly insulting things to other people, and then try to shrug it off with a .