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How to use gagern in a sentence. Gagern pronunciation.

As to Germany, my greatest hopes are based on this,—that the King and Henry von Gagern have met and become real friends.
Gagern and his friends are ready for this.
Yesterday, by means of a breakfast, I introduced him to most of the scientific and literary celebrities here—such as H. Gagern, Mohl, Dusch, Harper, Jolly, etc., etc.

Examples of Gagern

Example #1
On the Foundations of Egyptian Chronology,” with astounding investigations.
Example #2
Meanwhile think of me with as much affection as I shall always think of you.
Example #3
The constitution is to be declared at Berlin on the 25th.
Example #4
As to matters of form, they must be arranged as between equals.
Example #5
George came with them, and helped in arranging things, but returns to-morrow.
Example #6
He is studying upstairs with great delight your official and scientific _vade mecum_ on the Turanian languages.