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Definition of Galere

  • A group of people with some common characteristic, especially a coterie of undesirable people.
  • a coterie of undesirable people

How to use galere in a sentence. Galere pronunciation.

As if I had anything to do with the _galere_, except to sit down in it, the most helpless of galley-slaves, and blindly submit to the gyves and chains of Madame de Marignan, who, regarding me as the lawful captive of her bow and spear, carried me off at once to a vacant _causeuse_ in a distant corner.
The natural place, at Bourges, to look for one seemed to be the cathedral; which, moreover, was the only thing that could account for my presence _dans cette galere_.
Other rocks less prominent, but no less treacherous, flanked it-the Noir Sabloniere and the Grande Galere.

Examples of Galere

Example #1
To send me in search of a footstool, to make me hold her fan, to overwhelm me with questions and bewilder me with a thousand coquetries, were the immediate proceedings of Madame de Marignan.
Example #2
A consummate tactician, she succeeded, before a quarter of an hour had gone by, in putting me at my ease, and in drawing from me everything that I had to tell-all my past; all my prospects for the future; the name and condition of my father; a description of Saxonholme, and the very date of my birth.
Example #3
I turned out of a small square, in front of the hotel, and walked up a narrow, sloping street, paved with big, rough stones and guiltless of a foot-way.
Example #4
However late in the evening I may arrive at a place, I cannot go to bed without an impression.
Example #5
To the right of the main island were a group of others, all reef and shingle, intersected by treacherous channels; in calm lapped by water with the colours of a prism of crystal, in storm by a leaden surf and flying foam.
Example #6
But the wave rose up maliciously, foot by foot, till it drowned their cries for ever in the storm.