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These ganoids were allied to the Lepidosteus, or Gar-pike, of the American rivers.
They were like the gar-pike in our Western rivers, only much larger,-as big as a stove-pipe,-and with a crust as hard as a turtle's shell.
Skates and rays of a more or less modern type, and ancestral gar-pikes and sturgeons, enter the arena.

Examples of Gar-pike

Example #1
The whole body was covered with large rhomboidal scales, very thick, and having the exposed part coated with enamel.
Example #2
Among them the teeth and scales of Lepidotus are most widely diffused (see Figure 293).
Example #3
Then there came sharks, of strange forms, savage and ferocious, with teeth like bowie-knives.
Example #4
Then, the time of the first fishes came, and the other animals looked on them in awe and wonder as the Indians eyed Columbus.
Example #5
But the most interesting new departure is the first appearance, in the Jurassic, of bony-framed fishes (Teleosts).
Example #6
The sharks with crushing teeth diminish in number, and the sharp-toothed modern shark attains the supremacy in its class, and evolves into forms far more terrible than any that we know to-day.