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Peter_ go wandering through "Outdoor-Land," "Mountain-Land," "Orchard-Land," "River-Land," "Forest- Land," and "Garden-Land.
The country for several miles around the city is a complete level-part of the great plain of Sharon-and the gray mass of building crowning the little promontory, is the only landmark seen above the green garden-land, on looking towards the sea.

Examples of Garden-land

Example #1
Mr. Chambers is a born optimist.
Example #2
Everybody is happy in the end.
Example #3
The road was lined with hedges of giant cactus, now in blossom, and shaded occasionally with broad-armed sycamores.
Example #4
Leaving the gate of Jaffa, we rode eastward between delightful gardens of fig, citron, orange, pomegranate and palm.