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His time used to be entirely taken up with attending to the wants of his poor people, and the first year he spent in Garranard he had thought only of the possibility of inducing the Government to build a bridge across the strait.
A few days after this first meeting he met her about two miles from Garranard; he was on his bicycle, she was on hers, and they both leaped instinctively from their machines.
She told him she couldn't play on the wheezy old thing at Garranard, and at the moment he clean forgot that the new harmonium would avail her little, since Father Peter was going to get rid of her; he only remembered it as he got on his bicycle, and he returned home ready to espouse her cause against anybody.
If Mrs. O'Mara could be believed, Eliza said that she could offer Nora Glynn more money than she was earning in Garranard.
He could think of no other reason for delaying in Garranard; he certainly wanted change.
He picked up a book, but did not read many sentences before he was once more asking himself if she had gone down to the lake, and if it were her spell that kept him in Garranard.
For thirty days there had been no change-only a few showers, just enough to keep the country going; and he fell asleep thinking of the drive round the lake from Garranard to Tinnick in the sunlight and from Tinnick to Garranard in the moonlight.
He didn't believe that Eliza had ever said she could give Nora more than she was earning in Garranard.
Do you know, I can hardly believe I ever was in forlorn Garranard teaching little barefooted children their Catechism and their A, B, C. 'Good-bye, Father Gogarty.
I think if I once left Garranard, I should never return to the lake and its island.
Her path took an odd turn round by Garranard.
I am thinking now that perhaps, after all, you were sincere when you asked me to leave Garranard and take my holiday in Rome, and the baseness of which for a moment I deemed you capable was the creation of my own soul.
For nearly a month he was waiting for a space of blue sky, and a great sadness fell upon him, a sick longing for a change; but if he yielded to this longing he would never return to Garranard.
If he didn't write, she might think that he remained in Garranard.
As he stood admiring her great trusses of bloom among the tea-roses, he remembered suddenly that it was his love of flowers that had brought him to Garranard, and if he hadn't come to this parish, he wouldn't have known her.
At last a child was given them, and all would have gone well if Rean's mother had not come to Garranard for her daughter-in-law's confinement.
But he would not like to think that it was hope of literary success that tempted him from Garranard.
Who else would take an interest in this forlorn Garranard and its people, the reeds and rushes of existence?
It was not till he came to Garranard that he seemed to get out of touch with practical affairs, and he began to wonder if it was the comfortable house he lived in, if it were the wine he drank, the cigars he smoked, that had produced this degeneracy, if it were degeneracy.
By the impersonal conscience he meant the opinions of others, traditional beliefs, and the rest; and thinking of these things he wandered round the Druid stones, and when his thoughts returned to Nora's special case he seemed to understand that if any other priest had acted as he had acted he would have acted rightly, for in driving a sinful woman out of the parish he would be giving expression to the moral law as he understood it and as Garranard understood it.

Examples of Garranard

Example #1
That bridge was badly wanted.
Example #2
It seemed to him strange that he had never thought of visiting the ruined church when he lived close by at the northern end of the lake.
Example #3
What impressed him this time far more than her looks was her happy, original mind.
Example #4
Glynn, Nora Glynn,' he repeated, and it seemed to him that the name belonged exclusively to her.
Example #5
She must write to the Archbishop, and if he wouldn't do anything she must write to the papers.
Example #6
He mentioned his brother James, who was doing well in America and would perhaps one day send them the price of a harmonium.