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In the State Papers, Domestic Series, Charles I, according to Walford, appears an extract from a letter from George Garrard to Viscount Conway, which is as follows: "Sir John Melton, who entertained you at York, hath buried his wife, Curran's daughter.
Garrard had been sent out with his cavalry to get upon the railroad east of Atlanta and to cut it in the direction of Augusta.
Cavalry raids were also made by Generals McCook, Garrard, and Stoneman, to cut the remaining Railroad communication with Atlanta.
Look, again, at Garrard, at the close of the last century.

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The violent jerking movements were replaced by a few occasional twitchings.
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The wound was cleansed and a simple iodoform-dressing applied.
Example #3
He was successful in this, and returned about the time of the battle.
Example #4
In his death the army lost one of its ablest, purest and best generals.
Example #5
After the fall of that place he abandoned Nashville and Chattanooga without an effort to save either, and fell back into northern Mississippi, where, six weeks later, he was destined to end his career.
Example #6
Johnston's heart failed him upon the first advance of National troops.