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Her race, alas! is now all but extinct-the race of Fretillon, of Francine, of Lisette, Musette, Rosette, and all the rest of that too fascinating terminology-the race immortalized again and again by Beranger, Gavarni, Balzac, De Musset; sketched by a hundred pencils and described by a hundred pens; celebrated in all manner of metres and set to all manner of melodies; now caricatured and now canonized; now painted wholly _en noir_ and now all _couleur de rose_; yet, however often described, however skilfully analyzed, remaining for ever indescribable, and for ever defying analysis!
He selected a Mme Gavarni because she lived in a convenient spot.
It made him feel like a particularly low type of criminal, but, by abandoning his walk, he was now in a position to devote an hour a day to the lessons; and Mme Gavarni had said that that would be ample.
This was partly due to the peculiar method of instruction in vogue at Mme Gavarni's, and partly to the fact that, when it came to the actual lessons, a sudden niece was produced from a back room to give them.
Add to this the sensation of being a strange, jointless creature with abnormally large hands and feet, and the fact that it was Mme Gavarni's custom to stand in a corner of the room during the hour of tuition, chewing gum and making comments, and it is not surprising that Henry became wan and thin.
Mme Gavarni had the trying habit of endeavouring to stimulate Henry by frequently comparing his performance and progress with that of a cripple whom she claimed to have taught at some previous time.
Mme Gavarni said that the niece was forgetting the way the cripple had slid his feet.
Mme Gavarni was moved to dignified praise.
Many a time had Mme Gavarni hammered it out of an aged and unwilling piano in order that he might dance with her blue-eyed niece.
Then comes, in the third place, poverty in rags, the poverty of the people, the poverty that is poetic; which Callot, Hogarth, Murillo, Charlet, Raffet, Gavarni, Meissonier, Art itself adores and cultivates, especially during the carnival.
The editor of this journal had requested Gavarni to furnish him with a drawing for a tale in which a madman was introduced looking through the bars of his cell.

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And here, too (a necessary sequence), flourished the fair and frail grisette.
Example #2
Poring over the bookstalls in the Place du Pantheon or the Rue des Gres-hurrying along towards this or that college with a huge volume under each arm, about nine o'clock in the morning-haunting the cafes at midday and the restaurants at six-swinging his legs out of upper windows and smoking in his shirt-sleeves in the summer evenings-crowding the pit of the Odeon and every part of the Theatre du Pantheon-playing wind instruments at dead of night to the torment of his neighbors, or, in vocal mood, traversing the Quartier with a society of musical friends about the small hours of the morning-getting into scuffles with the gendarmes-flirting, dancing, playing billiards and the deuce; falling in love and in debt; dividing his time between Aristotle and Mademoiselle Mimi Pinson ... here, and here only, in all his phases, at every hour of the day and night, he swarmed, ubiquitous.
Example #3
Her house was in a side street, with a station within easy reach.
Example #4
The papers were full of their advertisements.
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I never had a failure yet with a pupe, except one.
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I think I'll put on another mile or so to my walk on my way home.